What Is A Social Enterprise?

The Social Enterprise Business! 

Social enterprise….what does it all mean? The term social enterprise is not so much a new term, or even a new concept, but it is increasingly becoming more widely accepted and used among today’s organizations. So, when we use this term, social enterprise, what does it actually mean? Have you ever heard of this form of business structure before? Does this type of business structure operate any differently than that of any other for-profit or non-profit organizations?

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If we were to briefly describe this type of enterprise in one sentence, it would be expressed as, “The for-profit organization with a non-profit soul.” You may have heard this phrase before. It is commonly stated when describing a social enterprise. Social enterprises are usually non-profit organizations, but can also be for-profit organizations. They both have the main mission or goal of providing a social service for society, which in turn normally leads to positive workforce development, as well as a strong economy. Organizations that operate as non-profit organizations are usually most often seen as social enterprises, as they normally exist to pass a positive message or provide another form of social service. These types of organizations have a set mission and are fueled by the passion of its volunteers and the community. Social enterprises that operate as for-profit organizations work very much the same way. They are also usually organized to pass on a positive message or provide a social service, but for a profit. Although these types of organizations are for-profit organizations, they strive in their mission to provide for their community. These forms of organizations do accept profits, but normally at a much lower rate than that of the current market value of the services that they provide. For-profit social enterprises are also fueled by strong passion of its members and by members of the community. 

To give a few examples of these different types of organizations: There are many non-profit organizations that currently operate today that help gather funding for a specific cause or stand, such as fundraising for extensive research to help find cures for cancer. There are also ones that operate to help spread a positive mission statement or message to a large group of people. These examples of non-profit organizations can also be classified as social enterprises as they operate to provide a social service to help the community. As for examples of for-profit organizations that operate under this same classification…we use our company as the example. We operate as a marketing and design agency just like any other for-profit agency out there, but we focus on the community by seeking out struggling individuals and small businesses who just need the help establishing a presence online! We understand the high costs of starting a small business in today’s society, let alone paying for marketing and that is why we have dedicated our lives to provide our services to others as a social service. We strive to steer our community workforce development into a positive direction.

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T&R Solutions: Define. Design. Progress. is a for-profit social enterprise. We take pride in assisting individuals and small businesses with their marketing and design needs at low affordable rates. We understand that running a marketing campaign and creating a new website from scratch, all while trying to run your actual day-to-day operations can be time consuming and also very expensive. We also highly recognize that many starting small businesses or individuals fresh out of college can normally not afford these types of services. We are a social enterprise that lives to serve our mission in providing each individual and small business with the opportunity to define, design and provide progress for their brand at low-affordable rates and in many cases, for free! We enjoy providing each individual and small business the positive web presence and experience that everyone deserves. 

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