Updates From Us: 2016 Edition

Updates From Us: 2016 Edition! 

Since the start of 2016, we have been extremely busy! With that said, we are excited to shout out some updates! 

Recently, much dedication from T&R Solutions has been focused on the growth and development of our new division, T&R Recordings. We mentioned about our most recent expansion in a previous post a few weeks back. T&R Recordings is a small independent label and division of T&R Solutions that focuses primarily on the promotion and representation of music and film. Since the beginning of this new endeavor, we have been able to sign, promote and represent two bands that currently reside in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. This new adventure has been a very exciting experience for us all as we have finally expanded and ventured our way out west. 

We are now excited to announce releases from each band. Check out each artist, buy their new releases and don’t forget to keep up with T&R Recordings for more updates! 

T&R Recordings: A Division Of T&R Solutions!

T&R Recordings of Dayton

T&R Recordings Artist: Friends With Benefits! 

T&R Recordings Artist: The Beast Of Bailey Downs!

T&R Recordings Artist: Back Alley Pep Rally!

We would also like to add that we made some new updates to our T&R team by adding two new members to assist us in supporting and executing our overall mission. With that said… 

Please Welcome Two New Additions
To Our T&R Solutions Team!


Meet Adam
Digital Marketing Strategist

T&R Solutions New Member: Adam

Digital strategist and leadership consultant Adam has been assisting us with creative direction since September 2015. Adam is a digital marketer and a most recent graduate of Wright State University where he received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business this past year. Adam excels in the areas of business planning and brand development and he currently assists us in these areas. T&R Solutions is thankful to be able to add Adam to the team. He has been a great team member and valuable asset to our growing business. 

Meet Connor
Digital Marketing Intern

T&R Solutions New Intern: Connor

University of Dayton student intern Connor was recruited by the T&R Solutions crew in February 2016. Connor is currently into his sophomore year at the University of Dayton where he majors in marketing and hopes to learn more about the digital marketing universe. Connor has previous experiences in the areas of project management, client relations, SEO and social media. He is a highly motivated individual and is a great asset to our team. T&R Solutions is proud to be able to assist Connor with his education, as well as be able to work with him as he provides us assistance as our new digital marketing intern.