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We need your help! We have recently set up a GoFundMe page in hopes of gathering some helpful donations in support of our mission: To provide our community with quality marketing and design solutions that are always affordable. Our campaign,  along with links to our page are below. Please follow, support and share our campaign. Your support is essentially for our, as well as our community’s growth and development! We appreciate all donations!

T&R Solutions Social Enterprise

Our Campaign: Social Service Is Our

T&R Solutions: Social Enterprise of Dayton

Hello all! 

My name is Justin Rissmiller and I am a 25 year old entrepreneur in the Dayton, Ohio region. I am currently the owner and operator of T&R Solutions: Define. Design. Progress. We are a small marketing agency located within the Dayton, Ohio area that assists in providing those in need with marketing and design solutions. Now, before I go into more detail about my company’s mission and this campaign, let me first tell you a little about myself. 

I was born and raised in Springfield, Ohio. I graduated high school and during this time, I met my high school sweetheart and now wife! After graduation, I attended Clark State Community College, then Wright State University. During my studies as a college student, I took great interest in various marketing and human service courses. Also during this time, I held employment full-time within the higher education industry. Upon graduation with two Associate degrees and a Bachelor’s degree, I decided to stick with a career in higher education. 

During my career in higher education, I was able to work closely with both sides of the industry. During my time at Clark State Community College, I held a position as a student support staff member where I was able to assist students with tutoring and career services. During my time at Wright State University, I held a position within the Dean’s office where I dealt with logistics and materials management. Although I enjoyed my time at both places, I decided to pursue my true passion in helping others. After five years in higher education, I left my career at a young age and decided to take the ultimate risk to pursue my real dream. My real dream… to provide help to those that need help in regards to an online presence. 

Online presence? What is meant by an online presence? Let me expand…In today’s growing technological society, we increasingly use and depend on luxuries like the internet to search for and find out about anything. In fact, we are dependent on it for much that we research. With that being said, now imagine this…You apply for a job, that employer tries to search for you online, then something pops up, or maybe nothing at all. What then? When anyone searches for you online, for any reason, don’t you want something positive about yourself to pop up? I know that I would. This same concept also works similar in regards to searching for businesses. In today’s society, who you portray yourself to be online, is usually how you are
perceived to be in real life. Also, having no online presence period is normally seen as just as bad as having a negative appearance online. To progress and succeed in today’s society, whether you are a starting business or an individual fresh out of college, an online presence is nearly essential. With those thoughts in mind, I now proceed to a little about my company. 

I founded my company, T&R Solutions: Define. Design. Progress. in May 2014 to assist others with those exact items listed above. Individual and business branding is a concept that is very important and my company sets its sights to help those in need of assistance. We are a social enterprise that has the mission of providing Dayton with quality marketing and design solutions for low-affordable rates and often times, for free. We understand the struggles of paying for services such as marketing and web design. As a social enterprise, we have the mission of providing this social service for our community. We operate as a for-profit with a non-profit soul. We are not a company that has the primary objective of earning a profit, we are a company that has the primary objective of helping others. We operate as a for-profit as it is essential for our continued operations. 

This is where I lead you to my campaign. We are a social enterprise that has the primary mission and objective of providing a social service to the community. Not all clients that we work with have projects completed for free. We do operate as a for-profit organization and work with a variety of different clients. Upon each consultation, we assess each project and determine a proper rate, if any. We do this to help provide with operation expenses and project expenses. 

Operating a social enterprise has been a rewarding experience. My company has been able to partner with and provide assistance to non-profit organizations such as, ‘The Great American NO BULL Challenge’ and ‘TEAM S.U.P.P.O.R.T.S.’ We have also had the privilege of working with such brands as, ‘Copey’s Butcher Shop’ and ‘CDC Property Maintenance LLC.’ 

With all of that, we want to be able to continue to provide clients like these and future clients with quality marketing and design solutions, for cheap or for free when properly assessed. We always make our services affordable, no matter what, as we are always flexible with our pricing. We want to give every individual and business the chance to have a positive digital marketing experience. However, operating as a social enterprise makes it challenging to earn revenue to pay for our operating expenses and expansion. We have been able to hire one employee and are looking to hire more employees in the near future. This is where we lead you to our campaign. 

Please support our company and our expansion. We want to continue to provide for our clients and reach others. Every donation received goes directly into providing our clients with constant satisfaction, as well as provides for our expansion in helping reach others. Our growth has been substantial within the past year and we could use the support to continue this development. All who donate and wish to receive updates on these developments, please message or email us with your contact details, so that we can make sure that you receive full updates! Each donation counts and will only help us in our future development! 

Thank you for your support! 

T&R Solutions: Social Enterprise That Makes A Difference