Social Media & People, How Does It All Work?

Everyday Analogies Of Social
Media & People! 

Social media is a force that is now clearly seen in the everyday lives of people and the function of our society. Although online social networks have gained immense popularity within the past few years, many people still do not know or understand the differences between each different social media output. Many of those same people also do not fully understand the long-term positive and negative impacts that one’s social media habits can have on an individual or on a business. How many different ways can you relay your message to others online? Should everything that is posted on social media really be monitored for its content? The answers to those two questions: ‘Many’ and ‘Absolutely Yes!’ 

Now, try this! ‘Google’ yourself and see what pops up. Odds are, people, like possible applicant-seeking employers, are searching you and seeing the same sets of data that you are. This information could be good or bad, depending on your online reputation. This online reputation is more than likely something that you created in the first place. In order to fully grasp this concept, it is important to first know more about social media, as this is usually how information about you gets online anyways! 

So what is social media? 

Social media is a form of online networking in which individuals from all around the world can connect and reach out to one another. Different social media networks operate differently and each is normally used for different reasons. 

 If we used the idea of visualizing and ingesting a piece of cake at this very moment, what would the various types of different postings look like among the various different social channels? In today’s world, the simple process of seeing and eating a cake can be conveyed in so many different ways. With that said… 

Behold! Visual Art! 

T&R Solutions: Social Media Explained

There is a reason for such an immense amount of social platforms. This is because each platform conveys a different message. We use Twitter to describe what we are doing, Facebook to tell others we like what we are doing, YouTube to show others how we do what we do and so on. Either way, we all use social media to express knowledge or gain knowledge, or perhaps, we use it for both. This expression and way of knowledge could be about others we know or about other people we have never, and more than likely, will never meet. 

With the advancements in technology that happen daily, as well as the many number of ways that we can express ourselves each second online with social media, the opportunities are endless. With those opportunities however, could some of them be threatening and potentially harmful to our image? It is important that we use technology and communication output like social media wisely, as what we post online, is published online. 

Social media output needs to be crafted like art, but it first must be understood what the differences are between each platform, as well as the ways to use each social media output responsibly.