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Spring is about to arrive, beautiful weather is finally here and we are excited to share many new updates for our viewers! It has been a hectic past few months for us, but with that comes a few new projects to announce! Within the past month, we have been able to partner with another marketing and social media organization known as Meltwater Group. We have also been able to lend a helping hand to a dedicated local writer and filmmaker, whose upcoming independent film is one to see this upcoming fall. Below is a little more about each group, as well as how we, at T&R Solutions have been able to show our support and get involved.


Project Update: Meltwater! 

T&R Solutions Project: Meltwater Group

Meltwater Group is a large scale marketing and social media relations firm founded in Norway with offices also in California. During the transition to the New Year, this group connected with us via Twitter. Their reason in connecting with us was that they were attempting to reach out to other entrepreneurs and marketers from around the globe. The reason for their outreach was to help promote an open discussion group known as Marketing Minds. The goal of this gather marketing professionals from around the world to help lead an open online discussion forum each week aimed at those who are in need of basic marketing assistance. During each week’s open discussion, professionals could then share different marketing and social media insights for viewers, as well as answer any questions from other prospective or current business owners. Upon further communications with this group, we were able to get to know more about their organization and their goal in assisting others. From there, we received and accepted an invitation to help lead discussions each week! We are thankful for this opportunity and pleased to be able to assist this group, as well as the many others who are in need of help. With that being said, if you need any helpful marketing tips, or if you just want to creep on the conversation each week, feel free to join us each Friday at 10:00 am for Marketing Minds!


Project Update: ‘The Havoc’ Film!

Jason Watson, a local writer and filmmaker in Springfield, Ohio also connected with us a few months ago about some help with his upcoming film entitled, ‘The Havoc.Jason began writing a script for the movie several years ago. After many speed-bumps along the way, much hope was lost in this project ever getting completed. However, this inspiring filmmaker reached out to us for help. With much of the writing process completed, we were able to lend a helping hand and provide assistance with photography, video and media enhancement. With our help, principal photography wrapped up in January. We are now proud to announce that we are also going to be assisting with promotion marketing, graphic design and associated editing for this project. ‘The Havoc’ is currently in post-production, as we are currently finishing all editing and music for the film. Once completed, we will be assisting with final distribution, as this project is set to be submitted to the famous HorrorHound Weekend Event that is to be held in Cincinnati in the fall! More information on this developing project is to come, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates.


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Principal Photography

Audio & Video Production Post-Production Editing

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Social Media Campaign

Promotional Advertising & Film Distribution


Whew! It has been a crazy and exhausting month for us! This past year has been very successful for us and we hope that 2015 continues to be a year of continuous growth and further expansion of our firm. We are a Social Enterprise located within the Dayton, Ohio area that takes pride in assisting others. We know that a web presence is essential for success in today’s business world and we understand that developing that web presence takes a lot of time and/or money that is usually not an option for small starting businesses. We have made it our mission to give everyone that opportunity of a successful web presence at a low-affordable price and in some cases, absolutely free. We have made it our mission to dedicate our lives to this organization and to the ones that we assist. Think that marketing and web design is too expensive and not necessary for success? Think again! Connect With Us & Let Us Surprise You. We know we can help!