Project: Teachers, Splatters & Other Matters

Teachers Splatters: The New
Division Of T&R Solutions! 

We have always had a niche for digital art. Digital art is the basis of our entire business here at T&R Solutions. It has always been a passion of ours to digitally create and inspire. Traditional art has also always been a passion of ours here and that is why we have recently expanded our business and established a new division to our marketing agency. 

Please welcome the new division to T&R Solutions, Teachers, Splatters & Other Matters! The mission of our new division is simple, cherish art and explore education. Our owner’s wife, Katie, is the brains behind this new operation.

Below is a detailed biography about the new division to T&R Solutions! 

Teachers, Splatters & Other Matters! 

Teachers, Splatters and Other Matters, a division of T&R Solutions: Define. Design. Progress., is the brainchild of a twenty-something teacher whom after two years in the early childhood education field, decided to join the online conversation about what it is really like to be in the business of shaping little minds. The goal is to share unique experiences, opinions, issues, and current topics teachers can relate to and to find solidarity in our challenges. All blogs are the sole opinion of the writer, and not that of any school, company, or institution. Stories, laughs, and advice is shared only with hopes of passing on what has been learned, often the hard way, through experience. 

She’s not an artist, and not even an art teacher. However, with her humble earnings, artwork became a positive byproduct of classroom stress, which by purchasing in the store, supports Teachers, Splatters and Other Matters and our parent company, T&R Solutions: Define. Design. Progress., both of Dayton, Ohio!