Project: The Great American NO BULL Challenge

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Project Served With Success! 

We recently completed a project! We had the privilege to work alongside and partner with ‘The Great American NO BULL CHALLENGE’ in regards to hosting and sponsoring their event entitled ‘NO BULL MUSIC BENEFIT.’ This special one night fundraising event was held on Saturday, October 4th at the Champion Center within the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield, Ohio. 

We were able to get involved in this wonderful opportunity by connecting with two members of the group, Scott Hannah and Tyler Gregory. These two individuals are both young college students from Springfield, who currently attend Wright State University. Along with living the crazy lives of college students, they also participate with the ‘NO BULL CHALLENGE’ as two of the spokespersons for the organization. We sought to meet these two gentlemen and connect with this non-profit group with the hopes of being able to lend some helping hands in the further promotion of their stand against cyber-bullying. 

As we became more educated about this organization, we learned that each year a benefit event is held in different cities around the United States. This year, the event was green-lit for being hosted in Springfield, so we decided to ask Scott and Tyler if we could jump in and offer a hand. They accepted our offer to help and we were able to assist them with solidifying a stellar digital marketing plan for the event. We were also able to provide them with design enhancement and extensive advertising to make sure that this event was met with a large following during promotion and a large crowd during show time.

The event was met with much success and we would now like to announce that we have started the processes for a permanent partnership with this wonderful non-profit organization! We want to continue to help push the issue of digital responsibility to others. More information regarding this permanent partnership opportunity is to come, so in the meantime, help promote their mission in sharing the importance of digital responsibility, as well as promote their stand against the intensely growing epidemic of cyber-bullying. 

Project Update: NO BULL Benefit Event! 

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