T&R Recordings: The New Division Of T&R Solutions

T&R Recordings: The New Division Of T&R Solutions!


We have always had a passion for helping others, whether it be an individual person or small business. We have also always had a passion for the art of music and film, thus we have decided to expand our current business and offer our services to musicians and filmmakers.

With that said, T&R Solutions: Define. Design. Progress. is proud to announce the recent expansion and opening of our new division, T&R Recordings. Below is a little more about our new division and what we do! Check us out as we are currently seeking additional musical artists and filmmakers to represent within our new label.

We are also sponsoring an upcoming tour for two of our most recently signed artists: Friends With Benefits and The Beast Of Bailey Downs. Make sure to check out both of these amazing artists and also check out the flyer posted below for more information in regards to our upcoming sponsored tour!

T&R Recordings!

T&R Recordings: The New Division Of T&R Solutions

Our New Business Division!


Founded in 2015, T&R Recordings is a small audio/video production company and representative firm located in Dayton, Ohio. A division of parent company T&R Solutions: Define. Design. Progress., T&R Recordings is an independent production label. In short, we go out and find tunes, films and other works of art that we like and then we try to represent and promote them!

Check Out The Upcoming Tour Sponsored By Us!

T&R Solutions/T&R Recordings 2016 Tour