Project: Meltwater Group #MarketingMinds

We Get Social During
#MarketingMinds Chat With
Meltwater Group! 

During the beginning of March, we were able to share with all of you that we were invited by Meltwater Group to join their #MarketingMinds chat that occurs each week. Every Friday, this discussion gathers marketing professionals to collaborate and discuss current digital marketing trends. The goal of this weekly discussion is to gather a variety of different insights from other marketing professionals, both from around the area and from around the world. We are proud to say that we have recently been able to share our input within the discussions. We have also had our research and insights cited within the #MarketingMinds blog! 

T&R Solutions Meltwater Group Marketing Minds Chat

Below are transcript copies of a chat that transpired recently. Make sure to check this recent chat out and how we added to the discussion! With that said, make sure to tune into the chat every Friday at 10 am EST to get all the latest updates and insights on current digital marketing, design and social media trends! 

T&R Solutions Weekly Meltwater Group Marketing Minds Chat


Q1. Why is it important to
conduct trend analysis and
monitor changes in the market? 

@sambibby explains that trends represent opportunities and companies that
conduct a trend analysis will be the ones fastest to react to change, thus increasing
the chances of gaining a competitive advantage. @AdotIdotspace agrees, stating that
a trend analysis helps us to progress as a company and expand our horizon. 

@tandrsolutions and @ThinkSEM add that a trend analysis can also allow us to keep
up with the customer’s mind set, for example the fact that millennials are
increasingly interested in social and ethical issues, we can then adapt our messaging
to accommodate such trends and ensure relevance. Moreover, @ThinkDesignbuzz adds that a trend analysis can also help us with market segmentation and to
anticipate market demand, and as @ScottPValentine points out a trend analysis can
also help to align our offering with customer value. 

In addition to the above, @PeterLingua comments that we can also boost
engagement by using insights from a trend analysis, as this makes for a great
conversation starter. 

Q2. How can we keep up to date
with market trends? 

@ThinkDesignbuzz suggests that we conduct a trend analysis by researching up to
date news. Moreover, webinars are also a great source for trending topics. 
@AdotIdotspace explains that it’s all about data and the use of this to implement and
execute new learnt insights. Media intelligence tools such as those offered by
Meltwater are able to cut through the noise of trillions of conversations happening
online to show us a bird’s eye view of the trending themes around a particular topic. 
Below is an example of trends within content marketing. We can also see posters
featured in the conversation cloud that can be used to point us in the direction of
authors and posters to monitor. 

Q3. Offer one example of a
market trend occurring in your

@tandrsolutions ensure they stay on top of market trends by conducting a trend
analysis and have identified one trend in their industry- older companies re-branding
to satisfy the growing force of new businesses. @PeterLingua observes how the
digital marketing industry has seen a rise in video as the world becomes more
stimulated with visual content, something that @AdotIdotspace also pointed out. 

@ThinkSEM adds that audio is also on the rise with more of us opting to listen to

Q4. _______is a company that is
great at keeping up to date with
market trends

@sambibby offers KPMG as a company who does a great job in the B2B space, 
especially with #WEFLive. On the other hand, @ScottPValentine’s top brand is
Evernote because they understand their customers and continuously work to
enhance value through innovation. 

Q5. How should we act on
market trend insights? 

@EnamMakafui suggests that we use trend analysis data by implementing strategies
and resolving issues raised from the gathered insights. For example, social media
makes for the perfect focus group; by listening on social we’re able to find new
opportunities and threats to our industry. Data may change the direction our
company is moving in; although this may seem scary it can be essential for survival.