Blogging Tips Part Three

Blogging General Tips- Part
Three: Creating Website Traffic
Through Responsive Social

Just think, you made it this far, right? If you have kept up and viewed our other posts, we have discussed the wonders of website and blog creation, as well as optimizing your website to gain the attraction of search engines for listing and searching; So, now what? 

It is now time to get social and share your website or blog and express yourself, your brand. Creating and optimizing a website is crazy enough, but now it is time to show everyone else your fine writing and researching skills and no better way to do that than creating some social media profiles to showcase your stuff! 

There are multiple social media outputs that are useful and not all of them are necessary for you to communicate your message to others. What I’m saying by this is… 

Choose Social Media Channels That Best Suit Your Niche! 

Choose Social Media Channels Based On What You Represent! 

What is meant by that when read aloud is exactly what it is supposed to mean.  Simply choose the social media platforms that are the most useful to you when promoting and showcasing your website or blog. Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest can communicate your message more clearly than simply just stating it on your website or blog. When using social media networks, use visuals and plenty of them! Bright, eye-catching visual aids are essential if you want to spread your message to a larger audience! Visual aids are very useful and essential for catching your audience, as well as for the almighty search engines! The goal of social media is to gather a wide range of audience, also commonly known as followers. You also want to get them engaged in the subject.  Providing engagement for your viewers makes your materials more interesting, thus making them more likely to be shared with others and spread throughout cyberspace! This leads me to a relatively simple statement that can be expressed when describing the overall purpose of creating social media… 

The more audience that is engaged on social media, the more traffic to your website! 

Seems simple enough, right?

Engaging people on social media will lead to more people experiencing your brand. It may seem like a simple process, but it can and is a time consuming one. It takes time to build and grow your audience. Start small and don’t get too overwhelmed at first. Spend plenty of time building your website and then optimizing it to fit your niche and then work on your social media to grow your connections. Once you grow your connections, focus on growing more. The opportunities to share your voice and your brand online are endless. 

Get Creative, Get Social!

T&R Solutions Blogging Tips Part Three