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Digital Marketing: Crucial
Elements Breakdown! 

If you look up the current definition of digital marketing, it is simply and briefly described as the practice of marketing products or services through the use of digital channels. Okay, great, so now what? Digging deeper, it can be gathered that digital marketing does not simply mean having a website for your business anymore. In fact, it has expanded much further than that. When we look at digital marketing today, it can be seen as a combination of different elements, all of which are equally crucial to your online success. 

What has caused these recent changes? 

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The internet has experienced a tremendous growth within the past two decades and with that growth comes more users. More users relying on the internet for daily tasks leads to the growth of many new websites. The large growth of websites within the largely populated internet has led to an increase in competition, with competition being that fight to survive online and let your brand or written works see the light of day. 

The term digital marketing has a definition and is fully recognized within our everyday language and dialogue, but with the growing number of users online, this form of marketing has evolved. Digital marketing is not about simply building a website anymore, it is about digital development after building a website. It can be fully recognized that in order to be successful in today’s business world, establishing a web presence through a website or blog is not enough anymore. Establishment is just the beginning. 

How is digital marketing defined and assessed today? 

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Digital marketing is a combination of seven different elements in which each element is equally important. It begins with establishing a web presence through the creation of a website or blog. Once that website or blog is designed and online, the elements of optimization and producing copy written material begins. Your website or blog needs to be updated and optimized frequently for a number of very important reasons. Updating and optimizing your website or blog provides your viewers with great content about your niche, which in turn can then be shared by others online. This is a very important element when trying to gain website traffic and increase your rankings within search engines. This process should always be an ongoing process and is completed by producing original and unique copy written material about your niche that can be published, read and then shared online. This is a great way to spread word about your brand, gain back-links from other similar sources sharing your content and gather an initial following. Updating and optimizing also provides change and a sense of freshness for your current viewers and future ones. It is also a key concept and backbone to another important element known as search engine optimization (SEO). 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a practice that is completed by developers and normally consumes a large amount of time. The practice of search engine optimization (SEO) is also an ongoing process and involves the study of different key and crucial elements of your website or blog including URL syndication, mobile responsiveness, keyword analysis and trends, among-st others. Once the infrastructure of your website or blog is completed, it is time to apply search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and practices to ensure no errors or spam exist. Analytics, another key element within digital marketing, is a great tool during this process. This element is used in combination with search engine optimization (SEO) when measuring your online performance and when seeking areas of improvement. Search engine optimization (SEO) combined with the uses of analytics is most important when trying to submit your website or blog for indexing within a search engine. Indexing your website or blog within a search engine is the process of submitting your finished work for searching by others online! Without indexing your website or blog, it will more than likely not see the light of day, as up to 85% of all internet users use a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo when searching for everyday products and services. 

Modern digital marketing also involves the use of social media, along with digital advertising. Social media in today’s society is almost essential to the success of any business, especially that of starting small businesses. A large percentage of today’s businesses use social media as a form of communication to help share their brand, as well as communicate with customers. Social media is a great way to spread important company updates and promotions, as your social media channels can be linked up directly to your website or blog. It can also be used to help settle nasty complaints and other disputes before anything else goes any further! Along with social media, another element crucial to digital marketing is that of digital advertising. 

Digital advertising is the practice of placing ads online. These ads are very similar to ones that are commonly seen within newspapers, magazines and other printed media, but they are hosted exclusively online. Digital advertising through popular services such as Google AdWords allows the account owner to have much control over the placement and size of ads, the timing for which their ads show, as well as specific budgets for each day. In regards to pricing for these services, they are always flexible and are assessed very similar to that of traditional forms of printed advertising. As with traditional printed advertising, the bigger the space needed for advertising, the more expensive the price. Another factor that is assessed is that of the times that you request your online advertisements to appear. Choosing specific days, as well as times during those days are all factors that can either increase or decrease your costs in regards to this process. The evolution and continued growth of these types of services have made it easy for business owners to communicate and spread their brand to a large amount of people online. These services have also increased competition for businesses, thus increasing the importance of effective digital marketing. 

The evolution of marketing has seen many changes over the years and with the development of technology like the internet, we have now seen the growth and expansion of the term digital marketing. Marketing through the use of digital channels is what the term digital marketing once meant. In 2015 however, this term can now be accurately defined as the marketing of a niche, product or service through the use of digital channels such as a website or blog, as well as the continuing development of that niche, product or service through the elements of search engine optimization (SEO), copy-writing, social media, analytics and other forms of digital advertising.