Dayton Music Connection Reaches Out To Us

Dayton Music Connection Connects With Us!

Recently, Dayton Music Connection sought us out and interviewed us about one of the artists represented under our T&R Recordings music label. Our founder and owner is a performer within the band, known as Back Alley Pep Rally. A few weeks after the interview, an article was published on their blog about the band, the label and our company overall. Below is a copy of that article. You can check it out below or check it out on the Dayton Music Connection Blog! Thanks for the opportunity to tell you guys about us!

Below is a copy of the article published on the Dayton Music Connection Blog:

Back Alley Pep Rally (BAPR) is a new three-piece powerhouse originating from Dayton, Ohio.

They are a band, or shall I say “force”, that is quickly making their way through the Midwest and West Coast leaving massive, loud footprints along the way.


“With titles such as Meowww Mixxx and ROFL Nadar, among several others that I, and several scholars, cannot pronounce, this spaced out three piece leaves a lot to the imagination. Since forming this last year, they’ve worked hard to share the stage with many modern hardcore artists, while still separating their act from the repetitive and mundane sound that has caused many to gravitate away from today’s heavier music.  Bringing overtones from hardcore heavyweight bands such as Botch and Poison the Well, as well as remnants of the visceral grooves of bands like Sepultura and Slipknot.” – Daniel Rowe

They really are a breath of fresh air from the music being produced by the modern metalcore scene. Listen to, follow, and visit Back Alley Pep Rally HERE!


From clothing stores to butcher shops to independent bands and artists, T&R Solutions is the complete web development package.

Although there is competition in the industry, this dark horse founded by BAPR’s vocalist & guitarist, Justin Rissmiller, is pulling ahead in the digital race.

I got the opportunity to sit down and talk with founder Justin Rissmiller about his progress and goals for the future. While working at Wright State University, he knew he wanted something more than the monotony of the 9-5 work day and so with the help of a friend started his own freelance web development company. Through effective advertising and marketing strategies he was able to design web pages for over 50 different companies, but he didn’t stop there. Since he always had a love for music, he thought “why not combine the things I’m good at?” He branched out and started T&R Recordings where he promotes not only his own band, Back Alley Pep Rally, but manages other bands such as “The Beast of Bailey Downs” and “Ocean Harvest”.

The website launched in January of 2015 and has already grown its clientele exponentially. Their success is largely due to their ability to adapt to a variety of business engagements, quick and charismatic response when engaging with customers, and going above and beyond in making sure that what is promised is always delivered.

There are a lot different companies out there that can make a website, but what sets T&R Solutions apart is their SEO optimization and their eye for design. Every type of business wants something different in regards to branding. For example: a clothing company might want a site that is more image-heavy and can easily customize their images as new merchandise becomes available, while an educational site would rather have more blogs and information about the services they offer. So each one is going to have different tactics in how to turn up the best search results. That is where T&R Solutions comes in. They design a blueprint and help map out their goals to match their vision.

You can check out more at the T&R Solutions’ website.

Written by: Parisa Samavati