An Introduction To Social Media Marketing Part Two


Social media is a wonderful and exciting world, and understanding each of the tools available will give you the confidence to build a real following that you can leverage to increase sales, expand brand awareness, or establish a personal relationship with your customers. Best of all, these social media platforms are free to use. With that said, we continue with part two of our segment on: “An Introduction To Social Media Marketing.”

T&R Solutions An Introduction To Social Media Marketing Part Two

Google+: An Effective Social Channel!

Much like Facebook, Google+ allows you to post announcements and company news, but one major added benefit to using Google+ is that it can increase your search engine results just by using it. And, the more you use Google+, the more likely you’ll increase your company’s website search results. Google+ also specializes in multimedia and sharing tools. For example, Google+ Hangouts is a tool you can use to host, stream, broadcast and record video chats. Need to have a meeting or a call with a few team members and a client? Want to invite current or potential customers to chat about a new product or service? You can do that through Google+ Hangouts.

T&R Solutions An Introduction To Social Media Marketing Google Plus

 Aside from being “just another social media platform,” Google+ also integrates Google products, services and search engine features all into one easy-to-navigate page. As a business, you can create a Google+ Page and build a community around it. This not only gives you the benefit of connecting your business with potential customers, but also boosts your website’s placement in Google-powered search engine results. Google+ content indexes well with Google’s search robots, so websites that post often appear higher in search results. Active use of Google + can lead more potential customers to you.


On Google+ You Can…


T&R Solutions An Introduction To Social Media Marketing Google Plus Abilities


• Create “Circles” of people and companies that your business interacts with such as customers, vendors and partners.

• Schedule and host video chats via Google Hangouts. 

• Post photos, videos, links and statuses.

• Create and participate in interest groups.


Twitter is for conversations. Facebook is for community building. Google+ is for information. Think of it as the classroom or manual of social media sites and treat your postings as such.

What should you be sharing? You’ll want to share new content from your website so that the links get that search engine boost from being mentioned on Google+, but that’s not all. Google+ is the perfect place to post tips, brief how-to items and articles that are more relevant to your business. The more useful the post, the more likely it’ll be commented on or shared. Basically, you want to inform and enlighten your audience by being an expert in your field.


 Pinterest: Another Effective Social Channel!

Looking to increase traffic to your website? Pinterest is a must, especially if you’re a business looking for new customers.

T&R Solutions An Introduction To Social Media Marketing Pinterest

 Pinterest has business-specific pages and it allows you to pin everything from product photos, to services you offer with pricing, and fun or informative content.

Pinterest is all about visuals. You can create boards with themes, or organize boards into projects. Whatever you decide to do, remember to keep the content interesting and engaging (and don’t forget to have fun)!


With that said, let’s build a Pinterest profile in 3 Easy Steps!


1) Go to the Pinterest homepage and elect to create a business profile for your company.

2) Once your account is created, begin pinning some items from the recommendations section to gain followers. Conduct SEO to assist with gaining backlinks.

3) Be real and inspiring to turn followers into customers.


 More Effective Social Media Channels & Outlets! 

Within this guide, we decided to focus mainly on the four most popular social media platforms for small businesses. There are also other social platforms as well that can be utilized that can assist with your small business success online.


A few of these additional social media platforms include:


1) LinkedIn

2) Instagram

3) Vine

4) YouTube

5) Flickr


There are also other social platforms as well that small businesses could utilize that we did not include.

T&R Solutions An Introduction To Social Media Marketing More Social Media Channels

 It’s time to dive in and make a splash! To begin, pick one or two of the discussed platforms and set up an account. Jot down some ideas or topics you want to post about online. This could be anything from upcoming specials on products, a membership program you’re launching, a big event coming up, or photos of happy customers. After you’ve got some ideas, start adding content to your profiles. You’ll want to have a nice profile/company photo to use (or multiple ones), and an interesting, but short description of your company and services including links. Fill out each area of your profile until you’re satisfied with the way it looks and flows.

Once you’ve got the swag to back it up, start posting, tweeting and/or pinning. Suggest your page/profile to friends on Facebook, follow clients or other businesses on Twitter, and put important users in your Google+ circles. Once you begin updating your social media sites regularly, you’ll find that building an audience and a following will come. The more people or pages you tag and users you tweet, the quicker you’ll become visible to others. Posting engaging and resourceful information is more likely to gain new customers for your business. Don’t be afraid to be bold; if you’re a small business, give your followers a glimpse into your daily operations by posting office photos or by telling others about a recent goal you met. If you establish a connection with your followers, you can turn that connection into a sale. 

Using social media will boost brand awareness, help generate more sales, recruit new clients, and assist in retaining customers. You’ll see all the possibilities available at your fingertips, and we encourage you to use them!