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Inbound Marketing, Branding & Design Is What We Do.

T&R Solutions: Define

It begins with a meeting and plenty of planning. During this meeting, we do the two things that we do best: We listen to you and most importantly, we learn about you and your business. Upon learning about your business and goals, we hit the books and begin extensive research to make sure that we provide you with the best options possible for your brand and inbound strategy. From there, we add in our collective experience, a smart media plan, plus feedback from people currently using your product or service to accurately define your Inbound Marketing Strategy and capture your unique brand. Consumer experiences made in America.


Brand Development

Digital Marketing Strategy & Research

E-Commerce Development

Marketing Automation

Mobile App Development

Website Development


T&R Solutions: Design

Once we lock in on a strategic direction, we set goals, research and come up with original ideas that digitally tell your story. We get to work in full force by providing you or your business with a variety of web options and design enhancement features that will fully enhance your branding and inbound marketing strategy with a web presence that is well deserved! We produce whatever you dream up, all done in-house, front-end to back-end. We can redesign a current logo or create a fresh design that captures your vision. We complete this process by analyzing your competition, case studies and other research to get you ahead of the game.


Brand Collateral & Print

Digital Audio, Photo & Video

Graphic Design

Logo Design

Mobile App Design

Website Design


T&R Solutions: Progress

As pod-casters, bloggers and content creators, we live social. We can edit your current individual and professional profiles or create entirely new pages to give your viewers an opportunity to know you! From there, we can link each social media channel to your main website to ensure your viewers are always updated with important information you want them to know. We can then either do the listening for a brand or be its voice online with our extensive content management, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages that will surely give your brand the full experience and opportunity to be heard. Which one do you need?


Brand & Reputation Management

Digital Content Creation & Lead Generation

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Web Analytics & Usability Testing


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Marketing & Website Design Services With Pricing To Your Satisfaction.

We stand strong in our mission as a social enterprise to provide each individual and small business with quality and affordable marketing and design services. We are committed to our community and helping others around us!

PRICING with us is ALWAYS charged at FLAT RATES plus CONSULTATIONS with us are ALWAYS FREE! 

Once your free consultation is completed, we will then assess your project and determine a final estimate. We are very flexible and fair in our estimations and will always provide full reports on how your final estimate was determined. Attached with that estimate will also be a proposal highlighting every detail and estimated time of completion for your project. Once your project is completed, we will present to you your new brand and branding materials. We will revise anything if necessary, then progress forward into your launch to cyberspace! The graphic below details more of a breakdown on website costs and is used when determining estimates.